With Harris Heating you get the unique three-way benefit that guarantees the quality and standards of our work.

  • The Peace-of-Mind of a 5 Year COMPREHENSIVE Boiler Warranty
  • The ASSURANCE of only Top Efficiency Appliances (93%+)
  • The CERTIFICATION of your home's improved energy performance

The HARRIS HEATING Complete Approach
Haris Heating is more than just a Heating Installer. We are committed through our TOTAL ENERGY approach to delivering the most cost effective solutions for your energy needs. Contact us for more details

In our SURVEY OF YOUR HOME we ask four key questions

  • Are you using the most appropriate fuel?
  • Are you converting the ENERGY of the fuels you buy and use - effectively?
  • Are you using energy wisely, only heating where you need it?
  • Are you leaking energy through window, doors, roofs, walls etc?

Before recommending a solution for you Harris Heating will examine a full range of options which may be relevant to your needs.

  • Fuel - Oil, Solid Fuel(Pellets) / Gas/ Electricity etc
  • Sources - Geothermal, Solar
  • Heat - Under-floor, Radiators, Warm Air, Boilers/Heat Pumps
  • Controls - Zoning, Thermostatic Valves, Timers etc
  • Insulation - Interior and Exterior Walls and Attic 

Rising Energy Costs - Bigger Bills ?
The world, and that includes Ireland, is changing rapidly. Energy and Fuel costs are rising alarmingly. Climate change and Global warming issues are affecting everyone. Recognising this, Harris Heating has responded to these challenges.

We ensure through our advanced training programmes that our skills are constantly updated in the application of latest energy-saving climate-sensitive heating technology solutions.

Highest Standards
Acquiring the necessary qualifications for staff and management to secure Harris Heating's formal recognition by key statutory and regulatory authorities is also critical to our success.

Our policy is to select only the best and latest products and technologies - enabling us to stand over our work with a full 5 year warranty.

Through this commitment to up-to-date training and experience we adopt industry-leading best-practice in all our installations - both small and large. This enables us to GUARANTEE LOWER FUEL USAGE - which can reduce the amount of energy you use by as much as 50%

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