A regularly serviced boiler runs more
efficiently and safely and uses less energy, so it's
better for LOWER BILLS as well as for the environment.

What to do in the event of a breakdown?

If your central heating boiler or fire is not working, then do not hesitate to call us on LO-CALL 1850 348 348 for an appointment.
We'll arrange for one of our Service Engineers to
call, diagnose the problem and complete the repair.
If the appliance hasn't been
serviced that year he can also do that for you on the day.

Safety first..... always.

All our engineers are Registered Installers (RGI) and the work they carry out is in accordance with Irish Standards 813:2002 as laid down by the National Standards Authority of Ireland for Domestic Gas Installations. There is a 60 day labour warranty (where new parts are fitted) on the work undertaken and a 12 month warranty on spare parts if they are required to repair your appliance.
For more information about Harris Heating's Repairs and Servicing, please contact us - or use any of the phone contacts above - and we'll be happy to explain our services to you 

Harris Heating's Comprehensive SERVICE CHECKLIST
In order to ensure your Safety, and ensure your boiler maintains peak performance (LESS ENERGY USED: LOWER BILLS) we have a 20 step process to keep your boiler performing at its best......

1. Issue Co 2 reading Check at location of Flue
2. Check Gas isolating valve
3. Cold check test on flue
4. Test flue when boiler running
5. Check permitted location of Appliance
6. Check size of Flue
7. Check terminal & location
8. Check flue guard
9. Check Gas Boiler Ventilation requirements
10. Check cowl fitted
11. Check Main Burner
12. Clean Main Burner
13. Clean pilot injector
14. Clean Heat exchanger
15. Test Appliance Burner pressure
16. Check seals on boiler
17. Check joints at boiler
18. Test Gas soundness
19. Check 3 amp fuse
20. Check double pole isolation switch fitted

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