Underfloor heating delivers optimal climate control and comfort

Looking for a heating system that delivers equitable temperatures without obstructing your home décor? Ask Harris Heating & Plumbing to install underfloor heating in your home or office.

What is underfloor heating?

With an underfloor heating system your floor is like a giant radiator that warms up the rooms in your home or building. Underfloor heating pipes (containing water) are powered by oil or gas boilers transferring warmth directly to your flooring. The radiant heat reduces less heat loss making underfloor heating more cost-effective and efficient.

What are the benefits?

underfloor heating dublin
  • Cosy and comfortable no matter what type of flooring you have
  • Provide even heat because your floor becomes the heater effectively warming up your space from the ground up
  • Consume less energy and lower your heating expenses – In some cases, Underfloor heating can result in a 15-40% energy saving over traditional heating methods.
  • Use water heated to a lower temperature than conventional water central heating which makes them ideal for high efficiency condensing boilers , heat pumps and solar water heaters
  • Provide zoned heating allowing for independent zone controls and more energy savings
  • Have less dust traps encouraging a cleaner and healthier indoor environment
  • Allow flexibility in interior design because you don’t have to deal with unsightly vents or restrictions on placing furniture and decorative floor pieces

Harris Heating & Plumbing has delivered top quality, low-cost heating solutions to Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath for more than 30 years.

Call 1850 348 348 or fill out our online contact us form to schedule a free underfloor heating consultation and estimate.

Quality underfloor heating installations from an RGI and OFTEC approved company

Not sure if an underfloor heating system is right for your space? An experienced heating technician will come over and explain the process to you. Harris Heating & Plumbing employees have extensive experience with a wide variety of heating systems including oil boilers , gas boilers and condensing boilers . Whether it’s your home or commercial property, we tailor our underfloor heating solutions to suit your needs and budget. As an OFTEC registered company you benefit from our professional service delivered by skilled and experienced technicians.

When you ask us to install your underfloor heating system you will get…

  • Expert advice on what will work best for you
  • Low-cost solutions tailored to your needs
  • Latest underfloor heating systems from trusted manufacturers
  • Certified technicians who are constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills
  • Seamless installations and problem-free service
  • Meticulous maintenance and repair
  • Financing options to easily meet your expenses

A warm home is a happy home! Underfloor heating installed by Harris Heating & Plumbing will keep your home cosy and your energy bills low. Plus our comprehensive 5-year warranty ensures uninterrupted service and your peace of mind.

Phone 1850 348 348 or fill in our contact us online form for more information on underfloor heating systems. Be sure to check our monthly special offers for more savings.

Our expert heating solutions are high on comfort and low on cost.

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