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Harris Heating & Plumbing

Is a premier provider of low cost residential and commercial heating services in Dublin. For over 3 decades, home owners have relied on our quality, personalized service and energy-efficient heating solutions.


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Solar panels increase your savings, BER and property value

If you’re looking to reduce energy costs and do your bit for the environment, then solar energy is an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution. The clean, green and low-cost energy produced by solar panels is prompting more property owners to convert to this alternate source of power. All you need is a renewable energy expert to customise a system to your requirements.

Harris Heating & Plumbing has extensive experience in a wide variety of renewable energy applications for residential and commercial buildings in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath. From solar panels to geothermal pumps, wind turbines and wood pellets, etc. we offer customized heating systems to meet your specific needs and budget. Our low-cost solutions and the solar panel grants offered by SEAI will reduce your set up expenses and give you year-after-year savings on your energy bills. Plus it can help you significantly improve your BER (Building Energy Rating) and property value.

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Solar energy systems customised to your home and business needs

Solar energy is available in abundance and free of cost. You can use this renewable energy to reduce your dependence on the traditional power grid and your utility bills.

How does it work? Solar panels or "collectors" are usually fitted to a building’s roof. They use the sun’s heat to warm water or another fluid that is your heating medium. The heated fluid passes through the panel and is then fed to a heat store (e.g. a hot water tank) for central heating or space heating. Solar panels work throughout daylight hours, even if the sky is overcast and there is no direct sunshine.

Many business owners are concerned about renewable energy not being enough for their commercial operations. Harris Heating & Plumbing has the expertise and latest solar energy systems to effectively meet your needs. If necessary, we can also set up a back-up system to meet your additional power requirements.

Our high-efficiency solar panels have helped offices, warehouses, factories, shopping centres, etc. 

  • Convert seamlessly to renewable solar energy
  • Avoid load shedding and unplanned downtime
  • Streamline their operating expenses
  • Improve their BER

Residential customers are also very satisfied with the performance and savings that our solar panels deliver.

Fill out our online contact us form for more information on solar panels and our group discount on BER certification.

Take advantage of solar panel grants to convert to renewable energy

Harris Heating & Plumbing is an approved SEAI installer for solar panels. We have helped many home and business owners like you take advantage of solar panel grants to reduce set up costs. The installation of solar panels in your home is exempt from planning permission up to 12m2 or 50% of the total roof area.

We install solar panels, solar collectors and solar hot water heaters from trusted manufacturers. These high performance products and our professional installations will help you qualify for the SEAI grants for solar energy. Once the installation is complete all you have to do is include an invoice of the cost of product and installation, and Complete Standard Commissioning Report signed by our installer along with your formal request for the Greener Homes Grant.

Of all the renewable energy applications, solar energy brings the quickest returns on your investment. Our certified heating technicians will install the latest system for your home or commercial building.

Phone 1850 348 348 and set up an appointment for installation of solar panels. Do check our monthly specials for additional savings.

We offer low-cost energy efficient heating solutions with a high customer satisfaction rate.

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