Our Partners...

Harris Heating recognises that the GUARANTEED delivery of total professional service is not something we can achieve alone. We partner with world-leading experts to keep our standards at the very highest level. We are also committed through a constant programme of training and development to keep ourselves in the position of the most cost-effective heating solutions provider in Ireland.

In order to ensure our service remains at the leading-edge of rapidly changing energy technologies we are committed to a variety of strategc partnerships.

Technology and Fuel Partners
The Safety of our customers and the deployment of very latest Proven Technology is at the core of our business. Harris Heating operates with a variety of leading Industry Standards organisations to ensure the advice we give our customers is accurate, up-to-date and relevant to the needs of each individual customer's needs. How efficient is your system? How effective is your roofing and insulation? What is the most cost-effective way to upgrade your system?
Harris Heating is registered with RECI, REGII, HEALTH & SAFETY, ISO and SEI to assure top service to you.

Appliance Partners
Harris Heating recognises that the average efficiency domestic open fires is about 40% and in many cases much less, This issue of boilers is also a concern. Over 90% of domestic boilers currently installed in Irish homes operate at an efficiency of about 60 to 70%. This is really wasteful and adds to higher running costs. To-day's modern condensing boilers can now deliver efficiencies of 90%+. Radiators, Controla and Insulation have also similarly undergone massive increases in performance delivery. By selecting only cutting-edge appliance partners we are able to ensure best quality and greater efficiency.
Saving you money on both installation and running costs

Standards and Training Partners
Harris Heating work closely with the various institutes and government bodies with responsibility for quality standards to ensure that ALL our installers are fully up-to-date with latest best-practice - efficiency, safety, and compliance with BER (Building Energy Regulation) legislation.


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