Money spent on insulation can considerably reduce your costs...
Harris Heating has the experience and the expertise to complete your insulation needs professionally. Planning on improving the insulation of your home, you should consider the various different locations as well as forms of insulation improvement. We can identify these for you during your PRE-INSTALLATION SURVEY. You can get ALL THE SERVICES below with total convenience. At Harris Heating we deliver it all. Contact us and/ or see our OneStop section.

Uninsulated or poorly insulated attics should be insulated to a depth in excess of 800 mm. When insulating attics particular care should be taken to protect water tanks and pipes from freezing and to ensure adequate ventilation of the roof space.

External Walls
Properly insulated external walls provide considerable energy savings. If the house has suitable cavity walls, the application of insulation within the cavity is generally the most cost-effective solution. This involves blowing or pumping the insulation into the cavity through holes drilled in the outer surface.

Internal Walls
When looking at internal wall insulation, for solid walls, insulation must be applied either internally or externally. Internal insulation involves fixing a layer of insulation to the internal surfaces of external walls, usually with a plasterboard finish. Special care must again be taken to install a "vapour check" (e.g. polythene sheeting) to seal the insulation against humid air penetration from within the house.

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