Your UNIQUE Quality Guarantee

Harris Heating is the only company in the Ireland to give all our customers a five-year warranty. When you choose Harris Heating you are choosing exceptional service, affordable pricing and total peace of mind.

We guarantee that a fully qualified engineer undertakes every installation and when he has finished his work, you have the security of knowing that you have the protection of 'ASSURANCE' - our exclusive Harris Heating total peace of mind warranty. 'ASSURANCE' offers unbeatable cover on your boiler, radiators, controls and pipe work.
 Completely free (see terms and conditions).
 Valid for five years
 Tried, tested and proven
 The only warranty of its kind you will ever be offered

Enjoy the unique benefits of 'ASSURANCE' and completely eliminate the need for expensive cover plans. All we ask is that you have your system serviced once a year by us.. We don't just say we deliver more to our customers, we do it!


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