Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
HARRIS HEATING encourages you to protect your family from Carbon Monoxide poisoning by installing a CO Detector. Contact us for details.

What is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?
Carbon Monoxide, is known as the 'silent killer'. Tragically, a number of people in the Ireland die each year from its poisoning fumes and hundreds more are seriously injured, with the elderly and young particularly at risk. The gas has no taste, colour or smell and can kill without warning in a matter of hours. Symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, nausea and exhaustion can often be mistaken for flu, even by medical professionals.

Tips on how to protect yourself and your family
Make sure rooms and heaters are well ventilated.
Have your chimneys and flues checked regularly to prevent them from becoming blocked
Make sure you boiler and heaters are maintained and serviced regularly to ensure they are working properly
Buy a Carbon Monoxide alarm/detector. The detector will measure the concentration of Carbon Monoxide in a room and sound an alarm if the CO concentration is higher than permitted.

Suspect a Carbon Monoxide leak?
Call the emergency line on 1850 20 50 50, turn off the gas supply, open doors and windows and leave the property.

Remember a regular boiler service can help to protect you and your family.
Contact us now to arrange a Service on your System.

 Safety Certificates

It is recommended and good practice that all heating appliances and pipework are checked annually by a qualified engineer who can award a certificate of compliance. Contact us

What does the check involve?
We will send one of our engineers to conduct the following checks.
Checking appliances for gas tightness
Checking standing and working gas pressures
Checking burner pressure and gas rate against manufacturer's data plate
Checking for essential ventilation
Testing the flue flow to ensure the removal of combustible products
Checking the operation of all flame failure devices
Checking for physical stability and effectiveness of brackets
Investigating any evidence of unsafe operation .

What happens next?
If successful you will receive certificate of compliance which proves that all gas appliances within the property in question are safe. If our engineer finds fault he will advise you on why the appliance has not passed the various checks and whether it can be repaired or if a new appliance is required.

Need a gas safety certificate?
It couldn't be easier, simply 
contact us or Lo-Call 1850 348 348 and a member of our team will be in touch with you to confirm a date.

Harris Heating's Comprehensive SERVICE CHECKLIST
In order to ensure your Safety, and ensure your boiler maintains peak performance (LESS ENERGY USED: LOWER BILLS) we have a 20 step process to keep your boiler performing at its best...... contact us
     1. Issue Co 2 reading Check at location of Flue
     2. Check Gas isolating valve
     3. Cold check test on flue
     4. Test flue when boiler running
     5. Check permitted location of Appliance
     6. Check size of Flue
     7. Check terminal & location
     8. Check flue guard
     9. Check Gas Boiler Ventilation requirements
   10. Check cowl fitted
   11. Check Main Burner
   12. Clean Main Burner
   13. Clean pilot injector
   14. Clean Heat exchanger
   15. Test Appliance Burner pressure
   16. Check seals on boiler
   17. Check joints at boiler
   18. Test Gas soundness
   19. Check 3 amp fuse
   20. Check double pole isolation switch fitted

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