It is of critical importance to have
your boiler serviced every year.

There are two primary reasons for this....

FIRSTLY - for your safety and the safety of your family. Remember heating systems operate under relatively high pressures, they use volatile fuels, they have electrical components, and emit harmful carbon monoxide spent gases. These MUST be checked regularly to ensure dangerous faults, should they arise, are repaired quickly and expertly.

SECONDLY - the efficiency of your system can drop by as much as 40% if it is not REGULARLY SERVICED. Apart from the wastage of lower performance - it is a critical factor in contributing to UNNECESSARILY LARGE  Energy Bills.

Please contact us if you require a Service on your system.

Also see our Special Offer, for a very limited period, of a SERVICE for €70.

Harris Heating's Comprehensive SERVICE CHECKLIST
In order to ensure your Safety, and ensure your boiler maintains peak performance (LESS ENERGY USED: LOWER BILLS) we have a 20 step process to keep your boiler performing at its best......

    1. Issue Co 2 reading Check at location of Flue
    2. Check Gas isolating valve
    3. Cold check test on flue
    4. Test flue when boiler running
    5. Check permitted location of Appliance
    6. Check size of Flue
    7. Check terminal & location
    8. Check flue guard
    9. Check Gas Boiler Ventilation requirements
  10. Check cowl fitted
  11. Check Main Burner
  12. Clean Main Burner
  13. Clean pilot injector
  14. Clean Heat exchanger
  15. Test Appliance Burner pressure
  16. Check seals on boiler
  17. Check joints at boiler
  18. Test Gas soundness
  19. Check 3 amp fuse
  20. Check double pole isolation switch fitted

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