How Much Can I Save With a New Condensing Boiler?


Installing a new energy efficient boiler your heating bills will be reduced. That's for definite. The extent of savings will depend on how inefficient your current boiler and controls are.

If your current boiler is over 10 years old it probably has an efficiency of about 70%. Therefore 30cents of every Euro (€) you spend on fuel is wasted. New Condensing Boilers are over 90% efficient.

There are many other factors involved - pump efficiency, valve performance, zone controls, timers and other controls. A Harris Heating Advisor can help you by assessing your current system FREE OF CHARGE and calculating how much you will save with the installation of a NEW higher efficiency boiler. If you would like our help - we would be happy to advise you - do please contact us on-line now or call us on any of the numbers above.

You will of course need to take into account the total cost of the new system and how much 'risk' your old system poses, remember, boiler breakdowns typically cost around €185 each time.

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