Install a 93%+ efficiency gas boiler to reduce energy costs

Why settle for a gas boiler that’s only performing at 70% capacity if you can have one that delivers 93%+ efficiency and reduces your energy usage? Gas boilers that are more than 10 years old are prone to reduced efficiency. They also consume more energy driving up utility bills. The sooner you replace them the more you will save. Harris Heating & Plumbing installs technologically advanced heating systems for residential and commercial properties in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath.

Our high-efficiency gas boilers

  • Deliver optimal savings and comfort
  • Come with SEAI grants that lower your installation expense
  • Reduce energy usage and pay for themselves in a relatively short span of time

For over 30 years homes and businesses have enjoyed premium heating service from Harris Heating & Plumbing. Gas boiler or oil boiler , we use our expertise to lower your heating costs and deliver uninterrupted, high performance service.

Call 1850 348 348 for a free gas boiler estimate for your home or business. Be sure to take a look at this month’s specials.


We are fully registered with the RGII (Registered Gas Installers Ireland) which is the new regulatory body put in place by the Irish government to supervise the work of Gas Installers in respect of safety. We have 11 Registered Gas Installers on our team who take their safety responsibilities very seriously. Here is a link to our RGI accreditation.


“An RGI is an installer who has at least a GID (Gas Installer Domestic) qualification or equivalent in gas safety which makes him/her competent to carry out gas works. He/She will also have a valid insurance and will have paid the annual subscription fee which entitles him/her to be on the register of RGIs and carry an ID Card with a valid date”

New zoned gas boiler systems prevent overheating and energy wastage

Customers who have installed our new gas boilers now enjoy unlimited energy savings and problem-free heating service.

  • Our high-performance zoned gas boilers separate your radiator and water heating connections for better efficiency and control. This is especially cost-effective in the summer when you only need hot water, not heated air.
  • Seamless installations from experienced and qualified technicians guarantee optimum performance. • As an approved installer for leading gas boiler manufacturers like Potterton, Worcester, Vokera, Glow Worm, Baxi, Ferroli, Immergas and Ideal you are assured of reliable, high performance, heating equipment.
  •  A comprehensive 5-year guarantee ensures uninterrupted heating and quality work.
  • Personalized service to ensure your satisfaction.

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SEAI grants and financing options will help lower your installation costs.

Not sure what heating fuel would work best for you. Read our comparison on oil and gas boilers to help you decide.

Seamless gas boiler repair and maintenance ensures uninterrupted service

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your gas boiler. Harris Heating & Plumbing technicians offer meticulous maintenance and seamless gas boiler repairs that keep your heating system at optimum efficiency. Our timely service will…

  • Prevent sudden interruptions and help you avoid replacement costs
  • Ensure your gas boiler is giving you the service and savings it was designed for
  • Perform expert repairs to restore your gas boiler to like-new condition

A warm home is a happy home!

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Keep your gas boiler protected, efficient and safe for your family by asking us about our cleaning service. We use one of the most efficient and effective tools for cleansing your home heating system and can be done in just 2 hours. Learn more.

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