GRANTS - €100m available !! 


Through a variety of Government, Local Authority and Community Organisation initiatives - €100 million in GRANTS is being made available to encourage you to improve the total energy performance of your home. This will enable you to benefit from lower running costs in the long term - and equally importantly, get the IMMEDIATE advantage of lower installation costs to-day.
We're here to help you. At Harris Heating we know people are intimidated by forms - you hate filling them in - so, when we're completing your FREE SURVEY - we'll advise you which Grants you will be entitled to - and help you complete your application to ensure you get the grants you are entitled to.

The summary information below is intended as a guide. The grants, with the exception of Disability Grants are administered and paid by SEI (Sustainability Energy Ireland).
We'll be more than happy to help and advise you to ensure you get the grants to which you are entitled.
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Warmer Homes Scheme (+/- €100)
Grants available primarily to those on disability, invalidity, fuel allowance, and other benefits, through certain (not all) Local Community Organisations - these low cost initiatives cover....
 Attic Insulation
 Draught Proofing
 Lagging Jackets
 Cavity Wall Insulation
 CFL low energy Light Bulbs.

Home Energy Saving scheme (+/- €200 to €4,000)
Grants are available towards the cost of implementing remedial measures. The types of measures eligible under this scheme are roof insulation, wall insulation and heating controls. There is also a grant for households who choose to get a Building Energy Rating (BER) assessment before and after the works are completed. Please note, however that from the 8th of December 2011 onwards, new changes have been made to the grant schemes available.
 Roof Insulation €250
 Cavity wall insulation (All residentail types) €250
 Internal Wall Dry-Lining

  • Aparment (any) or Mid-terraced house - €900
  • Semi-detached or End of terrace - €1,350
  • Detached - €1,800

 External wall insulation €4,000

  • Aparment (any) or Mid-terraced house - €1,800
  • Semi-detached or End of terrace - €2,700
  • Detached - €3,600
 Heating Boiler (High Efficiency) & Controls €560
 Heating Boiler (High-Efficiency) €200
 Heating Controls Upgrade €400
 BER Assessment (Before and After) €50

Greener Homes Scheme Ph III (+/- €800 to €3,500)
Grants are towards the costs of installing new renewable energy systems in existing homes. The types of measures eligible under this scheme are
 Biomass (Woodchip) Stoves/ Boilers €800 to €2,500
 Biomass Stove/ Back-Boiler €1,400
 Heat Pumps €2,000 to €3,500
 Solar Panels (to max 6m sq) €800
 Wood Gasification Boiler €2,000

Disability/ Special Needs Grants
Grants are available from various organisations (Government, HSE etc) to assist with the costs of installing, among other special things........
 Baths/ Walk-in Showers
 Toilets
 Taps
 Small extensions
 Wheelchair access

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