Condensing boilers lower energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions

Planning to upgrade to a high performance gas or oil boiler for your home or business? The new high-efficiency condensing oil and gas boilers installed by Harris Heating & Plumbing are a step up in safety, comfort and energy savings.

What is a condensing boiler?

When fuel is burned in a conventional boiler, the hot gases that are produced pass through a heat exchanger and transfer to water increasing its temperature. High-efficiency condensing boilers, on the other hand, use the standard sensible heat (energy transferred to change temperature in conventional boilers) plus the latent (hidden) heat to enhance efficiency by 10-12%. How? They extract additional heat from the waste gases by condensing water vapour (one of the hot gases produced) to liquid water thus recovering its latent heat.

How will you benefit?

  • They deliver 90-96% thermal efficiency as compared to 70-80% in a traditional boiler because they reduce heat loss
  • Easy to install
  • Pay for themselves in 2 to 5 years
  • Offer unlimited returns through continual energy savings
  • Have a zoned heating system option for improved heating efficiency and better control, especially during summer
  • Produce less carbon dioxide when heating 
  • Have SEI grants to help with installation costs

You can rely on our high quality condensing boilers to deliver optimal comfort without driving up your energy bills. Plus they come with our comprehensive 5-year guarantee to offer you peace of mind.

Harris Heating & Plumbing is known for its low cost energy solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our residential and commercial customers in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath have enjoyed top notch heating service for more than 30 years.

Call 1850 348 348 or fill out our online contact us form to schedule a free consultation and estimate. And be sure to check our monthly specials for additional savings.

Why do condensing oil boilers have a higher thermal efficiency?

Condensing gas or oil boilers are an energy-efficient and money-saving alternative to your traditional heating systems. They use the latest technology, heat exchanger design and material for high performance and reduced energy consumption. Their energy efficiency and low carbon emissions have a low impact on the environment.

From 31st March 2008, all oil and gas fired boilers installed as replacements in existing dwellings must meet a minimum seasonal efficiency of 86%, where practicable. This requirement was introduced as part of the revision of the Building Regulations Part L “Conservation of Fuel and Energy” adopted in December 2007. Currently the only boilers achieving this performance level are condensing boilers.

Fill out our online contact us form to learn more about how a condensing boiler will increase your energy efficiency and lower cost. We can also perform a free energy audit to improve thermal efficiency.

Professional installation and maintenance ensures optimal performance

The performance of your condensing oil boiler or condensing gas boiler is dependent on equipment and installation quality, and timely professional maintenance. Harris Heating & Plumbing only installs condensing boilers made by reputed manufacturers. The high performance Firebird Oil Boiler or Potterton, Worcester, Vokera, Glow Worm, Baxi, Ferroli, Immergas and Ideal gas boilers are some popular and the most reliable brands we offer.

As a Registered Gas Installer (RGII) and approved OFTEC company we ensure problem-free service, installations and maintenance for you by certified and experienced technicians.       

Phone 1850 348 348 to install your energy-saving condensing oil boiler.

Join over 55,000 of our happy customers who are enjoying uninterrupted, low-cost warmth.

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