Gas boilers or oil boilers for optimum heating efficiency

Want a comparison of gas and oil boilers to figure out which one is best for your home or business? Harris Heating & Plumbing will ensure you make the right decision!

Our premier heating service in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath, has over 30 years of experience with oil boilers and gas boilers . We’ll help you get the most cost-efficient heating system for your residence or commercial building. Plus our comprehensive 5-year guarantee ensures uninterrupted service.

Use our expertise to help you make the right choice and take advantage of our special offer and SEI grants to reduce your expenses.

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How to compare gas and oil boilers

Here are some important points to consider when making a comparison of gas and oil boilers.

  • Find out what types of fuel are available in your area. If you’re not on the natural gas grid then the latest condensing oil boiler is your best option. However if you already have an oil or gas boiler then it’s really simple. Replace it with one that uses the same type of fuel. You already have a system in place. Ask about SEI grants and our special offer on new installations.
  • Compare fuel prices. Looking for lowest cost heating? A study of oil and gas prices over the past 5 years might help. Remember your cost is affected by fuel price plus gas or oil boiler performance (condensing boilers are high-performance and energy efficient), weather and how well insulated your space is. We can perform a free energy audit to maximize oil or gas boiler efficiency.
  • Determine boiler repair and maintenance expenses: Figuring out whether oil boilers or gas boilers have more problems is not easy. It usually depends on the kind of system you purchase and whether or not it is well-maintained. The latest high-performance systems from reputed manufacturers deliver uninterrupted service. Harris Heating and Plumbing installation and maintenance ensures problem-free heating.
  • Look for high-performance and energy efficiency: Performance and energy efficiency are extremely important while making a comparison of gas and oil boilers. Occupant comfort and heating costs depend on it. The newest high-efficiency condensing oil boilers deliver maximum value for your money. Contact us for more information about Firebird Oil Boilers.
  • Consult a licensed heating professional: Safety is a prime concern when installing oil boilers or gas boilers. A licensed and certified professional ensures it’s done right and that your unit is delivering the performance and savings it is designed for. Fill in our online contact us form for flawless installations, repair and maintenance

Harris Heating & Plumbing is an RGI registered gas installer and registered OFTEC company. To you, our customers, that means the assurance of our top quality heating service. Over the past 30 years we’ve pleased more than 55,000 customers with our personalized, low cost heating solutions and quick response rate.

Phone 1850 348 348 or complete our online contact us form to learn how a new oil or gas boiler can increase efficiency and reduce your heating bills.

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Harris Heating & Plumbing keeps your home warm and happy!

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