Roisin Moloney from Consumer Choice magazine writes about why consumers should upgrade their boiler and the benefits of having it serviced.

The main topics outlined in this article are:

  • There is a difference between modern day boilers (90% efficiency) and those that are over 15 years old (70% efficiency). Upgrading your boiler could mean up to 25% savings on fuel costs for your boiler.
  • Additionally, it could also mean that safety and reliability is improved and as a result, you don't experience unexpected high costs every time your boiler breaks down.
  • If your boiler is over 15 years old, don't wait for it give out as it can result in a rushed job and cost you more compared to planning the replacement and having more time to research on this.
  • If replacing your boiler, it would be best to opt for a condensing boiler as they are the most efficient of it's kind and burn up less fuel and are generally cheaper to run.
  • If you don't feel like your boiler needs to be replaced, be at least sure to get it serviced annually, whether it's old or new.
  • Annual service conducted on your boiler can improve your boiler's efficiency as high as 10%, saving you nearly €150 each year.

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